Realtime and interactive

It's time to let everybody in the room decide what's playing

Stop fighting over the aux cord

Hang The DJ is the democratic playlist for the upvote era

To get started, simply...

  1. Set up your playlist

    Setting up takes less than a minute and the music plays straight from your phone, tablet or browser.

  2. Invite your friends

    Guests sign in with Twitter, Google or Facebook. The music plays from your device but everybody can add songs – it’s as easy as finding a song on Spotify.

  3. Neverending tunes

    Once you’re done adding songs, Hang the DJ takes over seamlessly, matching your style.

Upvote the bops, downvote the flops

Does this track bang? Give it an upvote.
Is Norwegian death metal killing your Monday morning vibe? Downvote away…

Laptop and phones using Hang the DJ

Put democracy to the test

All you need is a paid Spotify account

End music squabbles in your studio once and for all.

Try out the beta