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A playlist for everyone

Hang the DJ is a collaborative playlist that lets everyone add their favourite tunes – it’s as easy as finding a song on Spotify. Think of it as a jukebox for real-life or virtual gatherings that lets you see who added which song.

Upvote the bops, downvote the flops

Does this track bang? Give it an upvote. Is Norwegian death metal killing your Monday morning vibe? Downvote away…

Weekly stats keep everyone accountable. Celebrate that person who puts their heart and soul into the playlist, and call out the biggest hater.

Get started

  1. Set up your party and get your unique link

    Only the party host needs a premium Spotify subscription. Setting up takes less than a minute.

  2. Share your link with anyone

    Send your Hang the DJ link to people in your room or to anyone who wants to listen in remotely.

  3. Enjoy the never-ending tunes

    Add any track from the Spotify catalogue. Once you're done adding songs, Hang the DJ takes over.