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Let's go Hang the DJ on a laptop

Everybody's favourite jams

No more endlessly listening to one person's favourite songs over and over. Hang the DJ is a collaborative playlist that, on-the-go, lets everyone queue up their favourite tunes – it's as easy as finding a song on Spotify.

  • Upvote the bops, downvote the flops

    Upvote the bops,
    downvote the flops

    Does this track bang? Give it an upvote. Is Norwegian death metal killing your Monday morning vibe? Downvote away...

  • Upvote the bops, downvote the flops

    Never miss the highlights
    with weekly digests

    Which songs were most popular, who put their soul into this week's playlist, who downvoted the most, and more...

  • Upvote the bops, downvote the flops

    Not all in the same space?
    Not a problem...

    Not around and want to listen in remotely? Join the party from anywhere in the world. Just like Zoom... But for jukeboxes...

  • Upvote the bops, downvote the flops

    Poppadom preach,
    I'm in trouble?

    Can't remember the name of that song you liked? Just check the playlist history and filter on the songs you’ve upvoted.

  • Upvote the bops, downvote the flops

    Something to put on that
    office TV you're not using

    Big title, even bigger cover art. What's not to like about that? Switch to full screen to give the art the prominence it deserves.

Here's what you're getting

Votes determine what's playing and whenFeature check
Weekly digest of who are the most loved, hated, or controversial DJsFeature check
Seamless switch between algorithmically added and user added songsFeature check
Multiple participants sharing one speakerFeature checkFeature check
Remote group sessionFeature checkFeature check
Works with Sonos and/or AirplayFeature checkFeature check
Works with Spotify ConnectFeature check

Just half a minute to set up and no costs...

  1. Sign up using your Spotify credentials. A Spotify premium account is required.
  2. Set up your party and get your unique party link, which you share with everyone joining.
  3. Start adding songs together and get the vibes going.